Signal Fire Coaching helps smart and sensitive people thrive through self-coaching tools.

The primary tools were created by founder Kate Arms.


Kate Arms, JD, PCC, CPCC

Kate Arms is currently an Agile Coach with ecobee. The products we offer are primarily derived from work she did during her time here.

She has been helping smart and sensitive people thrive since 1984, when she realized she could turn the lonely outlier kids in her middle school into a group of friends. She has learned through experience that every person has the power to improve the culture of a group with or without formal authority. She specializes in thriving in complexity and helping people mange conflict in healthy ways.

As a professional coach, she brought a trauma-informed approach to helping adults who have struggled with anxiety, depression, and trauma and is committed to gender-aware and gender-inclusive coaching.

Her career has taken her through law, technology, publishing, non-profits and the arts. She has seen first hand that the same set of skills improves the culture in every industry. Whether she was a customer service rep, individual creative contributor, project manager, lawyer, director, board member, or company founder, she has been honing her skills and improving cultures. 

As a leader, she has a reputation for getting exceptional performance out of her direct reports, delivering quality results with limited resources, and creating engaged teams that have fun through the process of working hard and delivering excellence.

Since 2013, she has been helping others transform the cultures of their workplaces and families through coaching and training.

Her superpower is facilitating open, challenging, and respectful conversations on controversial topics on Facebook.

She has negotiation and mediation training from Harvard Law School. Her coach training includes coaching certification from The Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching training from CRR Global, and certification in Creativity Coaching from the Creativity Coaching Association. She is a certified InterPlay Leader and a graduate of CTI’s Co-Active Leadership Program.


Signal Fire Coaching supports educational initiatives for underserved and neurodiverse populations and parents of gifted and twice-exceptional children.

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