About Kate Arms, JD, ACC, CPCC

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Coaching is more than just a business to me. 

It is the primary vehicle for me to do my life’s work: helping people thrive as the fullest version of themselves and creating effective systems that support the people working within them. I have spent the past three decades studying how human beings thrive and how organizations and institutions can be structured to support individuals while also achieving big goals.

My studies have included biology, psychology, cognitive science, philosophy, theories and practices of constitutional democracy, coaching, systems theory, leadership, and anthropology. I have worked as a lawyer, an administrator, an artist, a writer, and a coach.

As an individual coach, I am particularly skilled at working with men who know they need to develop emotional intelligence but aren’t sure where to start, women who have been told they are too intense, folks who suffer from mild to moderate anxiety and depression or Imposter Syndrome, people with more interests than time to pursue them, and people who identify as empathic, sensitive, creative, or gifted.

Working with teams and couples, I use a mix of training, individual coaching, and systems coaching to help the group access wisdom and productivity in ways that make the whole more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Strengths-based growth models, mind-body integration, and respect for the wisdom each of my clients hold about their own lives and practices are the foundations of my coaching practice.

I have helped clients with business and personal relationships, entrepreneurial development, motivation, hiring practices, tough conversations, time management, increased creativity, and stress management.

Many of my clients run passion-based businesses or are artists. Many have fears around speaking publicly about their work, especially in fast-paced, networking situations. I offer improv and theatre-based training in public speaking especially for my clients who need more confidence in that arena.

After working with many clients on interpersonal issues that arose in the context of their struggles to assert their own creative spirits in various contexts, I have developed a model for healthy relationships that can be applied in any situation: Side by Side Living.

My book Unblock: Writing Prompts for Works in Progress is available from Signal Fire Press.

I have been coaching people in one form or another for over three decades. My coach training includes Co-Active Coaching certification from The Coaches Training Institute, Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching from CRR Global, and a specialization in working with artists from the Creativity Coaching Association. I am a certified InterPlay Leader and am a graduate of CTI’s Co-Active Leadership Program.

When I am not working, I am usually hanging out with my 4 children and our pets, acting or directing with local community theatres, or at the ice rink playing Ringette or managing a team.


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