Comfort Zones

Are Comfort Zones Traps or Treasure Troves During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, I participated in the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee. This 4-month, 1021 km race was a major physical stretch for me. When I began on May 1, 2020, I was a couch potato […]

Getting a Korean Girl Looking For Relationship With You

Did you ever think you would be emailing a Korean girl looking for marriage? I just certainly would not, and none will you. This is a well known fact of lifestyle for men coming from all over the world. However are separated instances where people have had the […]

LDR Tips

A long length relationship or long range romantic relationship is a romantic relationship involving two addicts who will be geographically aside from each other. LDRs usually happen when one of the partners move to a different condition or region, while the different partner ways to a different part […]

Greatest Questions to Talk to Online Dating

Why do you require so many inquiries to ask for internet dating websites? If you build up too much over a long list of them, you might lose your enthusiasm. Fun questions to look for online dating sites will assist you to break the ice. Maybe, this […]

How you can Succeed In A challenging Distance Romantic movie

A long distance romance or long range romantic relationship is known as a romantic relationship concerning partners who all are possibly geographically segregated from the other person or, more accurately, who meet up with only through letters or telephone. This type of romantic relationship often begins with a […]

Mindfulness is a Leadership Practice

Meditation and mindfulness have entered the corporate world. Progressive executive leadership programs include meditation training and offices offer meditation space or even classes to employees. Research has been done that establishes that these practices make a difference for leaders both professionally and personally. But why? What is really […]

How to Manage When You Are Missing Hugs

I have had many conversations with people about what they are looking forward to when social distancing measures are lifted. Hugs are high on the list for many of my single contacts, especially the deep squeezes that last a long time. This makes sense. Hugs are quick, simple […]

The Surprising Way to Handle Jerks Effectively

Being Nice to the People Who Make You Crazy May Be the Most Effective Way to Get What YOU Want When my kids were younger, there was a dynamic that happened between my daughter and one of her brothers. Typical sibling stuff. When he was subconsciously feeling like […]

How to Choose a Coach

You have decided you need help in some part of your personal or professional life and even if the challenge you are facing is emotionally distressing, you don’t think it’s a problem for a therapist. So you decided to look for a coach. A quick Google search reveals […]

Poor Assumptions Kill Relationships

Don’t assume. It makes an ass out of you and me. Sure, it’s a fun phrase, and we’ve all heard it. But how many of us have really given serious attention to the damage assumptions cause in our lives and how to reduce their negative impact? WHAT’S THE […]

The Four Stages of Developing a Life That Feels Great

People decide to try coaching because they are dissatisfied with some area of their life. But most of the time they don’t really know what they need to get from their present state of dissatisfaction to a life that feels great. Even figuring out whether I am the […]