For Coaches

coach-training-icon-colour3Do you want deeper training in using the body in your coaching?

Are you struggling to build your coaching practice?

Are you looking for a CPCC to coach you through CTI’s Certification Program?

Coaching with the Wisdom of the Body

Working with the body has been crucial to my success as a coach. Having somatic tools allows me to get underneath the stories my clients tell themselves in order to unlock wisdom and combat patterns of self-sabotage that they can’t articulate. Combining powerful questions, body-wisdom, and physical practices allows my clients to become who they want to be faster than using somatics or conversation-based coaching alone.

I use InterPlay, the four movement patterns discovered by Dr. Josephine Rathbone in the 1930s, the Focus Energy Balance Indicator, and a wealth of tools from my decades as an actor and director to help clients use their bodies as allies on their journey to wholeness and vibrant living into their dreams. The body has wisdom to offer about the present moment, experiences that shed light on  the dreams we hold, and deep habitual patterns that keep us in our old ways of being. Shifting the way we work with our bodies transforms our lives.

I offer group training sessions and individual support to coaches who want to integrate more body-based understandings into their work.

Your Coaching Business

Coach training programs teach you to be a coach. They don’t always give you the foundation you need to turn that training into a sustainable and profitable business.

I help solo practitioners build profitable service businesses of all varieties. Let my experience help you grow your coaching business into what you want for yourself. If you are starting from really early days, my From Idea to Income package might be right for you. If you are further along, I will customize a package that includes the training elements from that package that you need without the things you already have covered.

Coaching for Students in CTI’s Certification Program

During CTI’s training program, you will be coached by many different coaches and frequently. What you will not get through the core courses is the experience of an ongoing relationship with a co-active coach. Learning what is possible in a relationship that develops over time is an important part of your development as a coach, which is why CTI requires that you have an ongoing relationship with a coach during Certification.

I offer a Student Coaching Package for students in any stage of CTI’s training program.

This is a reduced rate package to help you keep costs down during your training. It is also a reduced frequency package compared to how I work with my other clients because you will be getting so much additional coaching during the experiential parts of your training.

To talk to me about how I can help you, book a free 60-minute Powerful Conversation.