Fierce Intimacy

You want love, intimacy, and connection in your personal relationships.

You want respect, trust, and collaboration in your professional relationships.

You want vibrant fun with your family.

You want to be seen for who you really are and encouraged to be your best self.

My clients are just like you.

They want to be accepted for who they are. They want to feel comfortable just being with the important people in their lives. They want conflict to be resolved with compassion and conversation and understanding.  They want emotional intimacy. They want to feel loved and be loving. They want ease.

But the relationship habits they have aren’t working for them.

Relationships feel alive, intimate and connected when people:

  • Show up fully without pretense,
  • Take responsibility for protecting their own values and needs,
  • Accept themselves and each other as they are now,
  • Reveal themselves to each other, and
  • Have honest conversations about conflicts that arise.

Most of us weren’t taught how to create healthy relationships by our families and the wider culture we live in encourages us to be superficial, guarded, and isolated. Learning how to live differently is a challenge.

I work with people to help them claim the strengths they already have and grow in their areas of weakness so they can be who they want to be in their relationships and create opportunities for intimacy and connection with the important people in their lives.

After working with me, people feel confident:

  • Opening up to other people,
  • Having courage in the face of vulnerability,
  • Staying in the conversation when things get tough,
  • Holding good boundaries, and
  • Inviting others to participate courageously in hard conversations

To talk to me about how I can help you, book a free 60-minute Powerful Conversation.

I promise you’ll get enough out of that conversation to have been worth your time whether you decide to work with me further or not.