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Kate Arms

You decide whether you want our coaching to focus on increasing fierce intimacy or bold leadership in your life or work. Together, we will explore what you are looking for and what is holding you back.

I guarantee that you will walk away with new insights and at least one action step you can start implementing immediately, no matter your challenge.

Here’s what you’ll get in your Powerful Coaching Conversation:

  • A full 60-minute coaching session
  • A deep and personal conversation about your dreams
  • A look at what’s been holding you back
  • Clarity about what to do next to get into action towards your dreams

What you will not get in your Powerful Coaching Conversation are:

  • A sales pitch
  • Simple answers
  • Generic advice

To get started, please answer the questions below. After you submit your answers, you will be directed to my personal schedule where you can choose the time for your Powerful Coaching Conversation.

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