Signal Fire Coaching

Coaching for Creative, Highly-Sensitive, Gifted,
and Neurodivergent Adults

Coach Mentoring and Supervision

Creative and Highly-Sensitive People

Whether you are making software, machines, or art, creative work can be emotionally intense, demanding, and anxiety-producing.

Coaching that includes play, mindfulness, and somatics can help you manage intense emotions, complete projects, build work-life harmony, deepen your relationships, maintain self-esteem even when things aren't going well, and thrive!

Gifted Adults

Coaching for gifted and multi-exceptional adults, including the profoundly gifted.

Gifted adults often have strengths, struggles, and vulnerabilities that create unusual life challenges. Gifted-aware coaching can help you make important life and career decisions, improve relationships and family life, complete projects, balance too many interests, or pursue another specific goals.

I have special expertise in supporting with positive disintegration, gifted parenting, and enhanced playfulness and creativity.


Strengths-based, affirming coaching for autistic adults and people with ADHD, anxiety, sensory regulation challenges, and other forms of neurodiversity.

A welcoming space for LGBTQA+, polyamorous, and ethically non-monogamous/ consensually non-monogamous adults.

Parent-coaching for parents of neurodiverse or LGBTQA+ children.

For Coaches

Coach Mentoring and Supervision

Especially for coaches who identify as or work with highly-sensitive, gifted, or neurodiverse adults and coaches who want to be trauma-informed, gender-aware, and radically inclusive.

I will work with you to design the program that meets your professional goals, including ICF accreditation.

Headshot of Kate Arms

Kate Arms, JD, PCC, CPCC

I have been helping smart and sensitive people thrive since 1984. My career has taken me through law, technology, publishing, non-profits and the arts.

I am known for my expertise in the unique challenges faced by innovative, neurodiverse, gifted, highly-sensitive, twice-exceptional, and creative adults and parents of such children. I help bright and quirky (dare I say weird) people design and live in unique and wonderful ways that feel fulfilling.

I bring a trauma-informed, gender-aware, and inclusive approach to helping adults who have struggled with the challenges of being unusually smart, sensitive, or creative.

I love helping people and organizations tackle important challenges that feel almost impossible.

What Kate's Clients Say


The tools Kate has given me have allowed me trust my own instincts and have empowered me to the point where I am now able to coach myself–even through the incredible upheavals of the past six months. I think that may be the highest recommendation I can give.

Kate once told me that her goal as a coach is to get people to the point where they no longer need her, and she is the rare person who not only truly means that, but absolutely delivered on it for me.

Working with her has been transformative and life-changing for me, and I can’t be more grateful that circumstances brought her into my sphere just when I most needed the sort of guidance she was able to offer!


Kate’s insights into situations, problems, and motivations are always followed by a powerful “and.” As in: and here’s something you can try. Never content with letting me admire the problem, Kate compassionately pushes to a set of techniques that let you bring your best, most authentic, self to the situation at hand.

The techniques aren’t self-help industry platitudes either. Empathetic and based on some of the most alert listening I’ve ever experienced, Kate will circle back on what you’ve said and tug at a thread (a word, a pause) that opens the way to small but constructive actions that, over time, make a difference.

Kate always asks how it worked out. Partly to see if I’m holding up my end of the bargain but also to see if there’s something else that might work. She holds you accountable. To yourself ultimately.


I started working with Kate at a time when I had decided to go back to school part time for a graduate degree.

My conversations with Kate were transformative. She offered thoughtful guidance and useful techniques to help me navigate challenges. She also celebrated my successes with me along the way.

My confidence in my ability to handle anything has grown by leaps and bounds by working with her.


Kate brings a combination of skill, experience, and intuition to her work. Bringing together a varied and effective background in several coaching modalities, she consistently presents to any moment the perfect combinations of insight or waiting on the client to self-discover.

Ready for a Change?

I will help you define success in your terms and carve out a path that gets you there.

I will challenge you, encourage you, and help you have more fun.

I will make you uncomfortable as you stretch, but it will be worth it.

Professional Certified Coach credential issued by International Coach Federation
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach credential issued by the Co-Active Training Institute
ORSC trained credential issued by CRR Global
Certified Coach credential issued by Creativity Coaching Association