Don’t assume. It makes an ass out of you and me. Sure, it’s a fun phrase, and we’ve all heard it. But how many of us have really given serious attention to the damage assumptions cause in our lives and how to reduce their negative impact? WHAT’S THE […]

New Year: New You? Not So Fast…

Did you make New Year’s Resolutions this year? Set intentions? Choose a word? Set SMART goals? Reflect on last year’s successes and setbacks? If you did, congratulations, you are participating in the social rituals that bind a community together. If you did not, congratulations, you are finding your […]

The Four Stages of Developing a Life That Feels Great

People decide to try coaching because they are dissatisfied with some area of their life. But most of the time they don’t really know what they need to get from their present state of dissatisfaction to a life that feels great. Even figuring out whether I am the […]