Leadership Development for Start-up Founders and Executives

The skills that got you to this position aren’t the skills you need to keep your company growing and successful.

Early on in the life of a software company, everything revolves around the founder’s vision and a small team of trusted collaborators. Together, you raised capital, developed prototypes, established product-market fit, and delivered. Everybody pitched in. Job descriptions were casual, and roles were filled as needed.

Now, everything has changed. You have customers, systems that need to be maintained, new development underway, too many employees for you to be directly involved in most of the details.

How do you transition from leading a small team of developers to running a growing company?

You need to grow as a leader.

Signal Fire Coaching offers customer leadership development training and support to help you become the leader your company needs.

We offer:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Leadership Skills Training
  • Conflict Resolution Training and Facilitation

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