Leading from the Middle

Leading from the Middle

Online Course Series

This series is for people who want to be more effective leading teams and groups. It will help you discover your natural leadership style, leverage your strengths, and build the skillsets you need to positively impact your workplace and community. You will learn skills and principles that will help you create cultures where people, including leaders, are engaged, productive, and happy. Whatever your role, you are in the middle of a web of relationships: direct reports, supervisors, boards, customers, peers, competitors, families, and more. Leading from the Middle is the art of knowing when and how to take charge, delegate, empower, motivate, innovate, follow, support, encourage, and persuade.

The complete series consists of three courses:

  • Enhance Your Natural Leadership: The Basics of Leadership Presence
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders: The Basics of Helping Other People Develop
  • Engaging with Conflict: The Basics of Disagreeing without Discord

Each course stands alone and they can be taken in any order.

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Enhance Your Natural Leadership

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Engaging with Conflict


US$125 per course or $297 for all three.


Enhance Your Natural Leadership: The Basics of Leadership Presence

You have a natural leadership style, but do you know how to leverage it for maximum effectiveness?

Strong leadership presence is a result of consciously using your natural leadership style as the foundation of your interactions with others.

In this experiential workshop, you will learn how to identify and claim the best of what comes naturally to you, get clear on what you stand for, and determine the impact you want to have as a leader.

Facilitated exercises will help you discover what makes your leadership compelling and how to use your strengths, experiences, and point of view to amplify your impact. You will leave with a Personal Leadership Roadmap to continue developing skills and behaviors that reinforce your leadership effectiveness.

Coaching Skills for Leaders: The Basics of Helping Other People Develop

Coaching Skills for Leaders explores the role leaders play in developing others. With good coaching skills, ten-minute conversations can become the foundation of an ongoing process of learning and development for everybody. A coaching culture empowers individuals and relieves leaders of the burdens of micromanagement.

In this interactive workshop, we will give you a framework for facilitating coaching conversations and give you an opportunity to practice some coaching skills.

You will learn how to listen more effectively, ask more useful questions, and guide the conversation to develop a plan that simultaneously meets business objectives and supports their learning and growth.

Engaging with Conflict: The Basics of Disagreeing without Discord

What is the value of conflict? How can individuals and teams benefit from recognizing and exploring conflict as it arises?

In this interactive workshop, we will reframe conflict as a useful tool. What happens when you view conflict as an opportunity to learn and improve rather than simply an obstacle to resolve?

You will leave with tools for handling conflict well and strategies for countering toxic behaviors.


These courses are taught by Kate Arms and Alyssa Dickman.

Kate Arms has been creating cultures where people thrive since 1984, when she realized she could turn the lonely outlier kids in her middle school into a group of friends. She has learned through experience that every person has the power to improve the culture of a group with or without formal authority. Her career has taken her through law, technology, publishing, non-profits and the arts. She has seen firsthand that the same set of skills improves the culture in every industry. As a leader, she has a reputation for getting exceptional performance out of her direct reports, delivering quality results with limited resources, and creating engaged teams that have fun through the process of working hard and delivering excellence. Since 2013, she has been helping others transform the cultures of their workplaces and families through coaching and training. She holds a BA from Cornell University and a JD from Harvard Law School. She is an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, and a graduate of the Co-Active Leadership Program.

Alyssa Dickman has over 20 years’ experience in Talent and Leadership Development. She brings a focus on the people-side of business to all her work, including individuals looking to grow their leadership, teams wanting to work better together, and organizations focusing on talent strategy. Her past experience includes organizational effectiveness consulting at Slalom Consulting and other roles in recruiting, learning, and change management. She is certified in an array of development tools, including MBTI Type Indicator, Hogan Leadership Assessment Series and DISC communication styles. She holds a BA from Brandeis University, an MS in Learning and Organizational Change from Northwestern University and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation and a graduate of the Co-Active Leadership Program.


The course is presented using Zoom and can be accessed via phone or computer. Details will be sent to participants via email after registration.


You can register for the complete series by choosing a package or by choosing a single class and adding the full package at check-out. If you choose to add the full package at check-out, you will be contacted to select the specific dates for the other classes.

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Fall 2020: September 16, September 23, October 1, all 12:30 – 2:00 pm ET

Winter 2020: November 5, November 19, December 3, all 6:00 – 7:30 pm ET

If you want to register for all three course but these combinations of dates do not work for you, register for one individual course and upgrade to the full package at check-out. We will contact you with information on how to schedule the additional dates.


Enhance Your Natural Leadership

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Engaging with Conflict