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The tools Kate has given me have allowed me trust my own instincts and have empowered me to the point where I am now able to coach myself–even through the incredible upheavals of the past six months. I think that may be the highest recommendation I can give: Kate once told me that her goal as a coach is to get people to the point where they no longer need her, and she is the rare person who not only truly means that, but absolutely delivered on it for me. Working with her has been transformative and life-changing for me, and I can’t be more grateful that circumstances brought her into my sphere just when I most needed the sort of guidance she was able to offer!

Kelly Preeper

kate arms testimonialsKate’s insights into situations, problems, and motivations are always followed by a powerful “and.” As in: and here’s something you can try. Never content with letting me admire the problem, Kate compassionately pushes to a set of techniques that let you bring your best, most authentic, self to the situation at hand. The techniques aren’t self-help industry platitudes either. Empathetic and based on some of the most alert listening I’ve ever experienced, Kate will circle back on what you’ve said and tug at a thread (a word, a pause) that opens the way to small but constructive actions that, over time, make a difference. Kate always asks how it worked out. Partly to see if I’m holding up my end of the bargain but also to see if there’s something else that might work. She holds you accountable. To yourself ultimately.

Michael Vinovich

kate arms testimonialsBefore I understood Kate’s influence, I felt it. She helped me better understand my own impact, and our coaching sessions together gave me room to breathe and imagine and create possibilities. Her ability to be compassionately direct nurtured my innate creativity. I would leave our conversations bigger and taller and more joyful. In short, I blossomed.

Jen Masterson

kate arms testimonialsI first met Kate during an intensive 10-month long leadership development program. What stood out for me then was Kate’s ability to excel in leading complex tasks, which often involved shifting goals, contingencies, and where interpersonal conflicts would often arise. Since then, Kate and I have coached one another as part of a long term professional exchange. As a coach, she is incredibly open and supportive. She has the ability to create powerful and safe spaces for client exploration and growth. I highly recommend Kate as a leader in any organization!

P. Jill Marshall Annitto

kate arms testimonialsI started working with Kate at a time when I had decided to go back to school part time for a graduate degree. My conversations with Kate were transformative. She offered thoughtful guidance and useful techniques to help me navigate challenges. She also celebrated my successes with me along the way. My confidence in my ability to handle anything has grown by leaps and bounds by working with her.

Karen Danylak

kate arms testimonials

Kate brings a combination of skill, experience, and intuition to her work. Bringing together a varied and effective background in several coaching modalities, she consistently presents to any moment the perfect combinations of insight or waiting on the client to self-discover.

Stan Stewart

kate arms testimonialsKate is an amazing coach, a smart cookie, and all-around good person. Her insights and grasps on systems seems innate, natural, and borderline clairvoyant. She reads a LOT and finds a way to let it all mix, pulling out nuances and sometimes whole new concepts from disparate sources. We worked together on a tailored public offering, and I enjoyed every session with her. Working with her, in collaboration, we were able to challenge each other, pull ideas, refine, and converge on the essence of what we both wanted.

Mike Kaufman

kate arms testimonialsKate is a phenomenal coach who intuitively recognized what I needed to get out of my shell and into my full, authentic expression. When I started working with her, I was afraid to talk about my coaching business and hesitant to record videos for my website. Experiencing Kate’s fun, unique exercises were like unwrapping Christmas presents every week! Her coaching guided me to a remarkable transformation from timid and fearful to the bold, brave, “real” me who shows up and plays the game. I now have the courage and confidence to speak and present myself in ways I only dreamed of.

Toni Snyder

kate arms testimonials