kate arms testimonials

Kate is a phenomenal coach who intuitively recognized what I needed to get out of my shell and into my full, authentic expression. When I started working with her, I was afraid to talk about my coaching business and hesitant to record videos for my website. Experiencing Kate’s fun, unique exercises were like unwrapping Christmas presents every week! Her coaching guided me to a remarkable transformation from timid and fearful to the bold, brave, “real” me who shows up and plays the game. I now have the courage and confidence to speak and present myself in ways I only dreamed of. I positively recommend Kate’s program if you want to be the star of your own show.
Toni Snyder

Kate Arms is a coach. And ye gods she’s good at it. She’s helped me to clarify my thoughts, my feelings, my goals, and the path I want to take to get to them (and how to not lose my mind doing it all). If you’re trying to do the work of making your life into the life you want it to be, and you are looking for a guide along the path, she’s an excellent person to help you find your way!
Kelly Preeper

I really like the way Kate coaches. At a time when I was very stuck creatively, her coaching moved me back into my own groove and helped to keep me accountable for what I said I’d do. Kate uses a wonderful array of techniques and intuition to guide. She couples this with skilled observation and feedback. For me, these were just the right kick in the pants that I needed. As a matter of fact, as I’m typing this, I’m thinking I may need another round of coaching sessions!
Stan Stewart

My mind was really opened by the conversation and it’s amazing how different I feel about myself now that I’ve been encouraged to view my creative process through a different lens.
Lenore Butcher